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Conquer Your Dreams By Studying Information
Technology Course In India

Pre-Landing Services

Counsel Students to know their interest in the particular Field of education.

Post-Landing Services

Reception of students at the airport on arrival and transfer to the apartments selected by the students.

Additional Services

Placement and admissions in universities, and schools specializing in Computer Science in India

Career Counselling

Career Counseling is the main goal towards the students who will successfully obtain the Degree.

We are committed to providing you with the best services to succeed in your IT studies in India. Our academic experience in many countries and our address book will be at your disposal for your successful integration in India.

Students from all over the world are expected to come to India and will be welcomed in the best conditions. 

ABOUT AmelieCurie

28+ Years of Your Trust and Recommendation

28+ Years of Your Trust and Recommendation

We are Indo-French Consortium company based in Mumbai comprising highly qualified academicians and lawyers, experienced in French, Indian and international studies and academic careers for several decades. Specialised in multiple international pathways for placement and admission of Indian and foreign students in high-flying university courses while providing for their accommodations, visa, airport reception, opening bank account, accompaniment, follow-up, and educational assistance in India.

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Top University Partner

Career Counselling

We're Global Partner of 100+ Universities

Career Counseling is the main goal towards the students who will successfully obtain the Degree in Information Technology Course from the Accredited College or University from India.  ACIC engaged the experts to counsel the students to choose the right career jobs and skilled profession which will help students prosper ahead in their life.


What Clients Say About Us and
Our Services

Study in India and live a unique university experience! It makes you dream, doesn't it? I decided to take the plunge and go there to study computer science. I contacted ACIC and I am followed by the ACIC staff who are competent and answered all my questions. The services offered correspond exactly to my needs. I don't have to worry anymore, my family will come to visit me later in India, ACIC will take care of them too. We are in good hands! Thank you ACIC for making my dream possible!

MARIA Portugal

I have worked closely with a member of this ACIC team in the implementation of high-level international academic programs. Rigour, dynamism, performance, willingness to take on challenges, conscientiousness, ethical, respect for commitments, availability, and efficiency in coaching students toward success, are the assets and qualities of this leader. You will not be disappointed, you will even be surprised by the quality and dedication of this person.

DEVATAL West Indies

Before I was admitted to the university, I needed a lot of advice and reassurance about my path. The staff was there for me, and gave me advice, encouragement, and understanding. This support was very important to me, as my future studies depended on this connection with a university staff that listened. I was able to succeed because of this team! Thank you for everything.


Great quality and personalized academic follow-up, advice, services beyond my multiple expectations, and increased availability for the success of my studies. I strongly recommend you to be accompanied by this efficient team which will constantly be at your side.

MEA France


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